16 November 2011

Coconut Creme Pie (High Raw)

 So, my latest harvest of young coconut meat was longing to be transformed into something delicious (as if it wasn't already). I toyed with a nog idea, but I was also longing for something tropical. After all, it's only the middle of November; there's still plenty of time for the cold-weather-holiday nog recipes. Tropical won out, and I settled (fixated) on the Coconut Creme Pie.

Coconut Creme Pie, garnished with Whipped Coconut Creme & toasted coconut flakes
The recipe is not only vegan, gluten free and soy free, it is also high raw - with a couple of minor adjustments, it can be made 100% raw. The buckwheat groats can also be swapped out for an equal amount of additional pecans or even raw almonds (soaked for 5-6 hours). This pie tends to be extra delicious after being allowed to set overnight in the fridge; the flavors really have a chance to meld and develop.

Coconut Creme Pie;

For the Crust:
85g Raw Pecans
40g Raw Buckwheat Groats* (soaked, sprouted & dehydrated)
40g Pitted Dates
Pinch Sea Salt
1/2 tsp Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

Pulse all ingredients in a blender or food processor until the mixture reaches a coarse breadcrumb consistency. Evenly press the mixture to an 8" pie plate, starting at the bottom and working up the sides. Allow the crust to chill in the refrigerator, while you prepare the filling.

For the Filling:
300g Young Coconut Meat
1 Cup Coconut Milk (I actually used So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk Beverage)
1 Tbsp Coconut Palm Sugar
1 Tbsp Tapioca Starch
1/4 tsp Agar Powder
1 tsp Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil
Scant pinch of Sea Salt

In a high-powered blender, puree coconut meat with 1/2 cup of coconut milk, until very smooth. Avoid adding extra liquid. It may take a bit of patience, if your blender isn't a rocket ship. A tamper really helps the process. Using a food processor to begin to break down the coconut can also be helpful; it can then be transferred to a blender.
In a small sauce pan whisk together the remaining coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut sugar, tapioca, agar and salt. Bring the mixture to a simmer over medium heat, stirring constantly. The dry ingredients should be uniformly dissolved (don't fret, if you do end up with a couple of tapioca lumps, the next step will take care of them).

Add the coconut milk mixture to the pureed coconut in the blender and blend for 10-15 seconds. Pour the coconut filling into the prepared pie crust, and allow the pie to chill and set in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours.

If desired, top with Whipped Coconut Creme and shredded coconut.

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