04 November 2011

Cuckoo for Coconuts

I love coconuts and coconut-anything. My pantry and fridge are never without a coconut item; I panic when my jar of coconut oil starts to get low (!) When new coconut food items become available, my bff texts me a photo of the item, and then (usually) very kindly purchases said item(s) for me - the most recent being So Delicious® Chocolate Mint Coconut Milk and Coconut Milk Nog (heaven!).
I have yummy recipes in the works for those two bevvies, but I've been a busy this week with yoga training and taking on some extra teaching gigs, that I've barely (sadly) spent any time in my kitchen.
There was actually more coconut water than this... but then I drank some.
However, this morning I found myself awake MUCH earlier than I had hoped or planned, and whilst lying in bed trying to fall back into sleep, I remembered the young coconuts sitting in my fridge (kindly dropped off by the bff, while I was at YTT last night). Once I had coconuts on the brain, there was no getting back to sleep. I figured an electrolyte powerhouse would be the perfect morning beverage, so I got to cracking those suckers open.

All that yummy young coconut meat is destined for greatness.
It's a bit of work, but so worth the effort. Sure, you could crack open a can (or aseptic pack, depending on the brand) of coconut water in a nano-second, but nothing beats coconut water fresh out of the coconut. The flavor is divine; enzymes and nutrients remain intact as well. Maybe I'm crazy, but I can feel my cells hydrating as I drink. Mmmmmm.
One coconut yields approximately 12-16oz of water. Not only do you get the delicious, potassium rich coconut water but also the equally delicious young coconut meat!
Oh, the things you can make with the young coconut meat... this particular harvest is on it's way into my next dessert recipe (post to come soon!)

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