09 December 2012

VeggNog Crepes

Historically,1 crepes were the fancy, cosmopolitan cousin of the pancake -  not something we ever prepared at home. I have wonderful memories of my mother taking us to the Oakbrook Mall, during the holidays, and getting strawberry crepes at The Magic Pan.

I haven't been to many malls here, which is odd because L.A. seems to be made of strip malls, but I did somehow end up at an outdoor mall, which vaguely reminded me of Oakbrook. They were even shooting this foam/bubble "snow" up from the top of the building to enhance the holiday season theme. It was weird but cool at the same time. And I can't believe I'm about to say that I sort of like the idea of a peaceful snowfall around the holidays. Of course, I greatly dislike trudging out in the cold, grey, salty sludge into which it transforms...and slipping on the ice underneath it... and scraping off my windshield... but I digress...

The point is that the trip to that outdoor mall conjured up my memories of Oakbrook... and crepes.  When I returned home to find my carton of vegan "nog" staring at me from the fridge, it practically begged me to be incorporated into a crepe. A gluten free, vegan crepe, naturally.

These light, slightly sweet crepes have a delicate flavor that is complemented well by cinnamon and nutmeg flavors and a frugal use of condiments. Of course, you could also slather on some blueberry jam (ala the BF), and be quite happy. I was told these tasted just like the non-vegan crepes his mother used to make, back in France. The last batch I made yielded 10, and he ate all of them.

VeggNog Crepes
(makes 8-10 crepes)
  • 100g (3/4 Cup) Sorghum Flour
  • 30g (1/4 Cup) Tapioca Flour
  • 3/4 Cup So Delicious® Coconut Nog
  • 1/2 Cup Filtered Water
  • 30g (2 Tbsp) Earth Balance® Coconut Spread (melted)
Optional Garnish:
  • 30g (1/4 Cup) Toasted, shelled Pistachios
  • 10g (1 Tbsp) Coconut Palm Sugar (Turbinado, Sucanat, etc... can easily be subbed)
  • 1/8 tsp Ground Nutmeg

1. Prepare the pistachio garnish by processing all ingredients in a food processor or mini blender, until the pistachios are well-chopped. Set aside.

2. In a mixing bowl, whisk together all crepe ingredients, until batter is smooth.

3. Lightly oil a non-stick (ceramic is best) pan/griddle or a seasoned, cast iron skillet, and heat over medium heat.

4. Using 3 Tbsp of batter per crepe, prepare crepes by adding batter to the pan and quickly swirling the pan to spread the batter into an thin, even disc.

5. Cook each crepe for 4-6 minutes, flipping once midway through cooking. Crepes should not brown.

6. Serve with Pistachio Garnish... OR powdered sugar, coconut whipped cream, spiced cranberries, candied pecans, or any other garnish that strikes your fancy!


1. In our household, anyway.

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