22 December 2012

Holiday 2012: Recipe Round-Up

The holiday season is well upon us, I thought I would do my very first (mini) recipe roundup - holiday-themed, naturally.

Panettone Muffincakes
The holidays don't seem quite right without Panettone1... or at least a panettone-like-something-or-other. Panettone is a particular and somewhat temperamental recipe, so I've taken to transforming panettone into items that are happy to be vegan and gluten free... you know, like these muffincakes.

Truly Sugar-Free Chestnut Truffles

These chestnut truffles are so ridiculously simple to make, and require absolutely no sweeteners of any kind!

Gingerbread Muffins
I suppose, if you wanted, these gingerbread muffins could probably be used to build a house if you stack them up like bricks. The icing would make a very tasty ginger-ey mortar.

Moisturizing Sugar Scrub
Quick, easy, yet elegant2 gift idea.

Happy Holidays!

1. Or maybe that's just an Italian thing.
2. If I do say so myself.

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