14 April 2012

Super Simple Raw Blueberry Spread

Sometimes the best things are unplanned.1 I made this inadvertently, while preparing a separate recipe (which will hopefully soon be "on the radar").

It was designed to be one component of a frozen treat. However, once the ingredients (THREE to be exact) were assembled, and before I added it to the rest of the recipe to be frozen, I was pleasantly surprised at the consistency that had developed.

No pectins, gums, or thickeners. No refined sugars. No cooking. It was so lovely, I almost hated to freeze it. Of course, I had already committed to creating the first recipe, so when I completed that one, I immediately set about making another batch to use as a spread.

This is another ridiculously simple recipe. It literally takes all of 5 minutes to prepare, AND the only "processing" even remotely related to this recipe is blending the ingredients in a food processor.
The (magical) dates provide both an extra touch of sweetness and the necessary thickening.

I just happened to have on hand some Raw Coconut Apple Bread (nearly) fresh from the dehydrator. The spread complemented it perfectly.It's hard to go wrong with coconut and blueberries though - at least, as far as I'm concerned.

Raw Blueberry Spread/Jam
(makes 1 Cup)
4 Pints Raw Blueberries
4-6 Pitted Dates (soaked for 15-20 minutes)
1/2 tsp Lemon Juice (optional)

Add the dates and 1/4 of the blueberries to a food processor or high-powered blender, process into a relatively smooth paste/puree - the goal is to get the dates pulverized and smooth.
Add the remainder of the ingredients, and puree/process to the desired texture.

Transfer the mixture to a jar or covered bowl, and refrigerate for at least 15-20 minutes; the dates will cause the mixture to firm up into a jam-like consistency.
That's it. It's that simple!!

Serve with dehydrated crackers, generously spread over a slice of your favorite raw or GF bread, or add a dollop to a chia seed pudding or over your favorite raw ice creme.


1. I find this to be true to most things in life - not just recipes - but those are perhaps tales for another time :-)


  1. How did you make the Raw Coconut Apple Bread

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the delay in responding. I haven't been receiving all of my notifications from Blogger, for some reason :-/
      The coconut apple bread was just something I whipped up. I pureed fresh apples and combined them with flax seeds and shredded coconut, which I pulverized together. I combined all the ingredients and spread the mixture out evenly onto a dehydrator sheet, until it was fairly firm and dry. That's it!