29 December 2011

Chocolate Mint, Mint Chocolate, and More Chocolate Mint

Right around the Christmas Holiday, I went chocolate mint crazy1.
Every recipe idea that popped into my head was some combination of chocolate and mint. Of course, they were also all vegan, gluten free, soy free... (you know how I roll).

It started with the idea to make filled chocolates as holiday gifts. I knew I was going to make "No-nut Reeses" and Chestnut Caramels.  I was also definitely going to make "Peppermint Patties". Then another genius2 idea developed. I had a bunch of fresh mint leaves and a little bit of rum in the freezer. You know what that means...

Mojito-Filled Chocolates!!

Yep. Mojito-Filled Chocolates!! My (other) BFF decided to share them at her little gathering, and they were a big hit with everyone - non-vegans included! That always makes me happy.
I felt like the zing of the rum mellowed out overnight, but it's still in there, so they're definitely not recommended for children.
One of my close friends had a double reason for celebrations this holiday season. He is also vegan and adheres to a gluten free diet, so what better treat for double celebrations than double chocolate cupcakes? Still being on a mint kick, they turned into Double Chocolate Mint Cupcakes.

Minty Chocolate Frosting!

They were perfectly fluffy and moist, with no refined sugars!

I thought it was over, but yesterday I passed the frozen section at Whole Foods and I couldn't resist grabbing a So Delicious® No Sugar Added Mint Chip coconut milk ice cream.

Not everything I make is sweet.3, And although, I do have the most fun experimenting with gluten free baking, I had actually planned to post a yummy and very simple raw salad today. Unfortunately, I neglected to take a photo of it4, so the Easy Guacamole Kale Salad recipe will have to wait a quick sec. So, so sorry, but doesn't the anticipation make it more exciting?

Create a Fabulous Day!

1. If that's even possible. 
2. If I do say so myself. 
3. Or contains chocolate and mint. 
4. Before it was gobbled up. 

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